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Application Tipps

The application is the first step into your new life in the Chemnitz economic area. As soon as you have found the job advertisement for your dream job, it's time to write your application. We will help you with your job search, tell you what you need to consider when compiling your documents and how to convince your future employer of your abilities.

If you have any other questions, contact us, because we are always here for you!


1. Job Search

2. Writing the Application

Cover Letter:

  • The address of the company is always at the top and should look the same as in a "standard letter".
  • Find out who is responsible for personnel and/or training in the company and address your cover letter directly to this person.
  • Keep your cover letter short. It should not be longer than one page.
  • Explain why you can do the job well.
  • Don't forget the closing formula, e.g. "I'm looking forward to meeting you. If you want to, we can also skype or chat online.”
  • When you have finished, read everything again thoroughly to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.


  • Make sure to write everything in short, meaningful headwords (except when a detailed CV is explicitly requested – but that almost never happens).
  • Your last job is at the top of the resume.
  • Describe what you did in each job with few keywords.
  • Also indicate your language skills and list additional expertise relevant to the job. Depending on how much you have already worked, the resume may be two or more pages long. However, make sure to keep everything short and concise and stick to the essentials.
  • If you want, you can add a suitable application photo.
  • Attach copies of your school and work references and all relevant certificates.

    Here you can find a sample resume (PDF)!

3. Job Interview

  • Plan your journey thoroughly and include a time buffer to make sure you are on time.
  • During an online conversation: Find a suitable background and test beforehand whether the technology works.
  • Always stay friendly and authentic and don't forget to thank the interviewers for their time.

Popular questions and what you can answer:

Tell us something about yourself.
Give a short, compact overview of your professional career and please don't get into private stories.

Why did you choose this profession?
Give a convincing reason for your professional career choices and best of all connect it with your personal interests. (These should also appear in your resume and/or cover letter)

Why do you want to work with us?
Find information about the company in advance so that you can emphasize in the interview what you like best. Create a personal connection if possible.

What are your salary expectations?
If you have inquired beforehand about the salary customary in the industry and region, you can give a realistic figure here.

Do you have any further questions for us?
Prepare some questions and, wherever possible, pick up on topics from the interview, because with your questions you show commitment, interest and motivation.

Tips on the topic of job search, application and interview are also provided by the Career Service of the TU Chemnitz.
Need more tips on the content or have questions? Ask the J-Team!