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Admittedly, you can’t help everyone, but as a trained healthcare professional you can make a big difference in many peoples’ lives.

Considering the level of responsibility that comes with taking care of human beings in need, it goes without saying that you need a solid education for these jobs. As there are almost as many different job profiles in this field as there are diseases, you need to make up your mind about some basic questions first, e.g. Would you rather nurse bedridden people and help them recover or are you more interested in healthcare from an administrative perspective? Are beautiful teeth your passion? Depending on your preferences, there are multiple pathways for you to enter the healthcare sector.

One possible route is to train in a specialized doctor's office. There are many possibilities to follow your interest and to make the most of your talents, as there are not only doctor’s offices for general medicine, but also specialized doctor's offices for specific target groups (e.g. children, women, men) or for individual parts of the body (e.g. ear, nose and throat, the heart (cardiology), bones, muscles and tendons (orthopaedics) or teeth).

As a professional assistant in one of these areas you support your superiors in their daily work by taking care of mail and appointments, taking blood samples from patients, measuring blood pressure, cleaning teeth or x-raying body parts.

Another way to turn your passion to help into a profession is to work in a hospital. It’s the place where lives begin, operations are performed, serious illnesses are cured and lives are saved, but sometimes lives also end there. Hospitals are special places where all efforts for good health, well-being and a long life culminate and where the true character of a community comes to the fore. There can even be a hint of the sacred and the magical about them. If you feel this magic and want to be part of it, the hospital might be the ideal workplace for you.

Obviously, there are doctors and nurses, but there’s also the midwife / maternity nurse, the medical-technical assistant (radiology, operating theatre or laboratory) as well as the anaesthesiologic assistant to name just a few of the many professions on offer in a hospital. If you are adventurous and looking for outdoor activity, the rescue service might be just the right thing for you.

An area of the healthcare complex that does not involve medical work is the care of the elderly. You might work on site in retirement homes or in outpatient care and help old people to enjoy their lives as much as possible. Naturally, this does include taking care of their physical health and their personal hygiene (if necessary), but you also get to sweeten their everyday lives with joyful and challenging activities.

You see that a desire to help opens the door to countless professions in healthcare. Now all you have to do is make up your mind and you can begin to heal the world.

Find your job in healthcare and make a difference. Here are some current vacancies from the Chemnitz economic area:

Find many more vacancies in the regional job boards for the regions Erzgebirge, Vogtland, Mittelsachsen as well as Chemnitz and Zwickau. Take a look and find your dream job in healthcare.

And don’t forget, that your journey doesn’t have to end once you are a professional assistant. There’s always the chance to go to university and to become a proper doctor in your field of expertise.

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