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Wouldn’t it be cool to work in a region that is a certified UNESCO world heritage site? No problem, come to the Erzgebirge. The German name translates to “ore mountains” and is an indicator of the region’s long mining tradition. Silver, tin and uranium feature prominently among the many minerals that have been brought up from beneath the mountains here. Mining quickly became the basis for a thriving economy which in turn led to the development of wealthy, flourishing communities. In appreciation of the unique landscape that has been created by centuries of human endeavour, the Erzgebirge was awarded with the world heritage title in 2019.

Here is your chance to benefit personally from the Erzgebirge’s success: Find your Erzgebirge dream job, come here and boost your career. In order to get you started, we have selected five exemplary job offers for you below. One word of advice, though: All job descriptions are in German, so a solid grasp of the language is a must-have if you want to apply. Easy, right?



Maybe one of those is the job of your dreams. If not, take a look at the regional job board to find many more vacancies in the beautiful and industrious Erzgebirge. We wish you the best of luck with your application and hope to see you soon!

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