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The history of the Erzgebirge has been shaped by mining activities for over 800 years as this economic sector did not only create the economic basis of most communities and towns here, but also decisively influenced the regional culture and the shape of the land itself. Thus, a unique montane cultural landscape was created on both sides of the German-Czech border, whose value for future generations is underscored by the UNESCO world heritage title.

While most other world heritage sites consist of a single structure, the Erzgebirge world heritage site covers entire cross-border region. In total, it comprises 22 components – 17 on the German side and five in the Czech Republic.

Saxon components

  • Dippoldiswalde medieval silver mines
  • Altenberg-Zinnwald montane landscape
  • Lauenstein administrative headquarters
  • Freiberg montane landscape
  • Hoher Forst mining landscape near Schneeberg
  • Schneeberg montane landscape
  • Schindler's blue ink plant in Zschorlau
  • Annaberg-Frohnau montane landscape
  • Pöhlberg mining landscape
  • Buchholz mining landscape
  • historic old town of Marienberg
  • Lauta mining landscape
  • Ehrenfriedersdorf mining landscape
  • Grünthal saiger hut complex
  • Eibenstock mining landscape
  • Rother Berg mining landscape in Schwarzenberg
  • uranium mining landscape

Czech components

  • Jáchymov mining landscape
  • mining landscape Abertamy - Boží Dar - Horní Blatná
  • Red Tower of Death
  • Krupka mining landscape
  • Vrch Mědník mining landscape

Detailed information on the individual components and loads more on the UNESCO world heritage title can be found at

If you are curious, come and visit the unique montane region Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří. We also recommend to take a look at the local job market: check out, and Apply for your dream job in the Erzgebirge mountains, live and work in this unique world heritage region and help create the world heritage of tomorrow.

Image: Jens Kugler

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