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economic area Chemnitz

Welcome to the heart of Europe, welcome to the Chemnitz economic area! We are not only an important and flourishing economic location, but also are an exceptionally attractive living space. It covers the southwestern tip of the Free State of Saxony and unites the regions of Central Saxony, Vogtland, Zwickau, Erzgebirge as well as the Chemnitz city area.

Since the time of industrialization, the region has experienced an unprecedented economic boom, which inspired entrepreneurs not only to find their own companies here, but also to lead them to world fame – take the Audi Group as just one prominent example.

The area developed into a hub of European mechanical and vehicle engineering and the textile industry.  This remarkable progress is also demonstrated by the fact that the city of Chemnitz is known as the "Saxon Manchester". At a time when the English city was considered the "Workshop of the World", Chemnitz became its German counterpart. This unequalled success story is still ongoing, and today the region is the centre of the East German automotive industry.  Despite the fact that a sizeable part of the economy here is dominated by Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH and numerous suppliers, the Chemnitz economic region remains shaped by medium-sized companies and a wide variety of sectors. In addition, the degree of craftsmanship is unmatched in any other region in Germany.

To ensure that this development, which is driven by technical know-how, diligence and a spirit of innovation, stays on track, all is being done in the region for the skilled workers of tomorrow. Beginning with comprehensive childcare in the numerous kindergartens, continuing with exemplary schooling in the general and vocational schools (Saxon pupils regularly reach the top places in PISA country comparisons) and ending with in-depth training at the region's three professional academies and four universities. In addition, more than 70 research institutes and service providers situated in the region underline the importance of designing the future deliberately.

In addition to these top conditions for learning and working, the Chemnitz economic region also offers an excellent quality of life. Among other things, this is ensured by an above-average network of cultural facilities, a large number of sports and leisure amenities and, last but not least, the incredibly rich landscape of the region. Even from the larger cities Chemnitz, Zwickau or Plauen it is never far to forests, green meadows or snow-sure mountains. Moreover, thanks to a particularly favourable ratio of average wages to average housing costs, life here is pleasingly cheap, so that there is comparatively much left of the net to live and enjoy. Simply come by and find out for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!