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economic area Chemnitz

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Do you want to find your dream job and kick-start your career? Are you looking for a place where you can be everything you want to be?
We are the J-TEAM – we will help you find a job, and we are going to show you why the Chemnitz economic area in southwestern Saxony is the ideal place to make all your dreams come true.

Why are we doing this?
Because we love it when your plan works.
The economic region of Chemnitz is an important and flourishing economic location and at the same time an extremely attractive place to live. It includes the districts of Central Saxony, Vogtland, Zwickau, Erzgebirge and the city of Chemnitz. A total of almost 1.5 million people live here.
Since the time of industrialisation, the region has been characterized by economic success and numerous companies of international standing have been founded here. The area has developed into a centre for European mechanical and vehicle engineering and the textile industry. This unique success story continues to this day: the region is now the centre of the East German automotive industry.
Nevertheless, the Chemnitz economic area is still characterized by medium-sized companies and a wide variety of industries. In addition, the density of skilled crafts is higher here than in almost any other region in Germany. In addition to top working conditions, the Chemnitz area also offers an excellent quality of life. Job and family can be perfectly combined, as childcare here is first-class. Furthermore, the region impresses with a dense network of cultural facilities, a multitude of sports and leisure facilities as well as an incredibly varied nature. Even from the larger conurbations, it is never far to lush forests, green meadows, or snow-covered mountains. Furthermore, you have more money to spend here because the rents are comparatively low. Just come here and see for yourself. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Let's find your dream job together.
Get in touch with us and together we will work on the realization of your life dream.
Good job. Good Life.

Welcome to the heart of Europe, welcome to the economic area of Chemnitz! We give you tips and constantly new information about the best training courses and jobs in the regions of Central Saxony, Vogtland, Zwickau, Ore Mountains and in the Chemnitz city area.

The area is not only a flourishing economic location, but also an extremely attractive living space.


GOODJOB - GOODLIFE! Just come by and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you and would be happy to help you gain a foothold in the beautiful Chemnitz region.


  • goodjob

  • Top training
  • Do an apprenticeship and earn money? This works out! The dual vocational training makes it possible.
  • Choose from over 300 different training options.


  • It's all in the mix
  • More than 80,000 companies
  • Global players, medium-sized companies and individual small businesses - you will find your ideal training here
  • Industry diversity: automotive and mechanical engineering, with the areas of material and coating technology, metal processing, automation and microsystem technology, numerous highly specialized service providers, innovative craft companies, raw materials management, electrical engineering, building trade, textile and clothing industry, musical instrument construction, wood processing , traditional handcrafts
  • goodlife

  • Culture
  • Chemnitz is cultural capital 2025!
  • 22 public theaters, 90 museums, 31 movie theaters and 217 libraries
  • Diverse club landscape
  • Endless music: Kraftklub, Stereoact, Robert Schumann, de Randfichten - all of them come from the region
  • Outdoor natural stages, such as the floating stage at the Kriebstein dam


  • Sports & Freetime
  • Top sport: (wheelchair) basketball, foot, water, handball or athletics, biathlon, water skiing, ice hockey, figure skating or ski jumping, we are involved in the top leagues of many disciplines. This means that we also have the ideal conditions for amateur athletes
  • The ski jumping arena in Klingenthal and the Sachsenring, a race track - that is also in the immediate vicinity
  • Do you like to go hiking? The varied nature offers the best opportunities


  • Reside
  • Here you live cheaply! An average rent of 5-6 € / m² in Chemnitz only accounts for 17% of the local average income